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Kolln / Jan 31, 2014
Hey fellows!

We are glad to inform you all, that PvP've got a little of attention for the first time, in the past year(s).

The Season 8.5 ( greater update for Season 8 ) came out with a little surprise for us. With the update, PvP've been provided with a small craft PvP arena, namely the "Shuttle PvP". This new arena will hold the easiest way to play against other players in shuttles, so from now, you do not have to wait for others to organise such an event, but whenever and wherever you want, can jump into one of your shuttles and queue up yourself in the PvP Queues window. See you in the queues!


VA of Registration & Attendance

Team Speak

Greetings Boot Camp Participants!

In order to make PvP Boot Camp as efficient and informative as possible, we will be requiring all participants to join their coaches on TeamSpeak voice communications during the event.

* (A number of exceptions are made, for instance, for people with impairments and/or other circumstances preventing the use of audio applications).

In case you do not already have TeamSpeak, we have put together a simple step by step installation guide:

Navigate to

Click the link on the top navigation bar gar entitled "Download TeamSpeak."
If you have issues downloading TeamSpeak from the navigation bar, here is the direct link :

Choose the download link that matches your operating system and click on it. Accept the terms of the agreement and wait for the download to start.

Once you have TeamSpeak installed, you will need to connect to the correct TeamSpeak server being used for the event. Instructions for doing so follow:

Once you open Teamspeak, the window will have a menu bar like most programs. The first choice starting from the left will be "Connections." Click on this menu choice and choose "Connect." A window will pop up that is used to connect to TeamSpeak.

You will need to enter the following information into the box named "Server Address":

Into the box named "Nickname" you should enter your IN GAME name so it's easier for the coach to identify who is talking!

It is NB/ important to change the nickname to the following format, as this simplifies the registration process greatly and ensures that your attendance is properly registered.

@handle/Registration Number(What is the number of your comment in this thread) /Career(e.g. Sicence -> SCI (with big letters!))/Ship's short name(e.g. Jem'hadar Attack Ship -> JHAS)/Language(e.g. English -> Eng)

e.g. @drkfrontiers/1/TAC/JHAS/Eng

No password is required for the Boot Camp TeamSpeak server.

You will immediately be placed into a Registration Waiting Room. Do not remove yourself from there. A coordinator will join you shortly in the room you are in currently and instruct you on how to proceed.

We hope this helps you get TeamSpeak Client set up for Boot Camp. It is recommended that any player interested in PvP have TeamSpeak or other voice communications programs installed. The ability to communicate vocally with your teammates—rather than typing messages into a chat box—will greatly enhance your PvP experience.