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An area for anyone to post any keybinds that they think will be particularly useful to the community as a whole.
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Hi, I'm Katt. I've been playing STO for a little over a year now and still a noob lol.Saw this and thought it would be interesting. I enjoy pvp but it is difficult to figure out with all the different gear.I have a fleet advanced escort with a dis...
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Introduction/Looking to Team

Greetings-I am currently running an Atrox as a science officer and did the first two sessions of boot camp last week. As I am the only active member of my fleet, I am looking to team up with others in PvP. My current leaning is to do Capture and...
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Hello from H'Lo!

Hey Guys!Just thought i'd drop a note in and introduce myself. I'm @kahn in game, and fly a great many ships, but never got into pvp all that much. I'm currently registered for the PVP Boot Camp and i'm really looking forward to attending. I'll be...
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How to register?

Hi There,I'm interested in signing up for the next pvp bootcamp. Can you tell me how to sign up?Yours Sincerely,-V
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hey everyone i am looking a for a Good Heg'Tah BoP PvP build and i cant find one any where
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suggestion: clearly state which session is in progress at the very beginning

Somehow I registered for session #2 and got into a session #1 class tonight. Probably 4 or 5 times, students asked which session they were in and the response was murky, and along the lines of "It's #2, but we're reviewing some material from #1."...
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Introduction / Request

Hello all, Ofallon here and I say "Thank You" for getting this project rolling. As I am late to the camp, I would like to request a schedule of events that does not exist at this time. I am very busy running the Fleet I belong to in game and my ot...
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Re: Bootcamp Needs You!

Hello, I would like to participate in the upcoming PVP Bootcamp, however, I've limited my in-game privacy settings to mail/messages from fleet and friends only. I would, of course, change my privacy settings the day of the bootcamp. In addition, i...
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Great match where teamworka nd straetgy overcame all!

Put together a nice little pugmade team tonight and went into the arena. Team was myself as Amy the Science Officer in a fleet Recon Kinetic build. Had TMass in teh JH Dread, I Need a Tac Team in the Andorian, Tommy the Engineer in a Wells healer ...
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All Cannon Build with Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit Question

Running my Defiant with an all Cannon build and not sure what to do with the 3rd Ensign Tactical slot. Beam Fire at Will,Overload, and the Beam Target are for beams while Torpedo Spread and High Yield are for torpedoes. The only thing left is Tact...
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Funding the war effort

Hi I'd like to hear suggestions to maximize profit from time spent. I know this is a PvP site, but since gaining exceptioenal equipment is important and EC can buy some pretty awesome stuff I thought I'd at least ask. Any ideas on what the most ti...
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Duel torp combo

So I found a very bad exploit with a combo between the omega torp the romulan torp and 3 torp duty officers it turns out the romulan torp doesn't have a global cooldown this led to me firing 57 plasma toros 6 of while ended up being heavy at the...
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Trouble getting on STO website

Is anyone else having problems getting onto the STO website itself? Last night I installed a few updates on my computer, and ever since, I've had an awful lot of trouble logging onto the website, let alone even getting on the forums.Hopefully this...
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Nice Work Guys!

Just wanted to say thanks to the people setting everything up. I really hope alot of people get on board with this, It could be great for pvp!
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The Good Pug

I know it is kind of crazy to say a good pug but we have all been one or with one, what makes a good pug. Im sure most of us know how to be a good team mate but for some i think they may get lost or disouraged. here is are chance to give out that ...
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