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Don't Laugh! Attempt at a Galaxy-X Build for the Academy...

Ok, So i'm trying to take a little initiative, and start thinking about some good Galaxy-X Builds to use on my Engineer. I've been reading some of the guides on the STO website and other places and came up with the below. I'm sure it's not perfect...
Small H'Lo Kitteh 5y
H'Lo Kitteh51549Member avatar small Benkem 5y

Kraven's Korner

Hey guys here are some build's that worked for me, not all the bridge officer ability's are proper but you will get the idea what should go there...some of the builds here are a little out dated but still good refrance material. If you have any qu...
Small Kraven (Livin) 5y
Kraven (Livin)7907Small Kraven (Livin) 5y

some Escort builds

Here are a few Escort build i have all of them are cannon builds and most skill layout can be use by any escort. All but the TempDestoyer build its a little more tricky to use
Member avatar small Kedric 5y
Kedric84436Member avatar small kori656 5y

BrokenMirror's Skills and Gear Guide

Hey coaches, BrokenMirror has put a lot of time into creating the following Skills and Gear guide. I think there is real potential to use this as a future resource for our students. If you get a chance, look through this and offer him some feedbac...
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Sargon1244Small Sargon 5y

Grim's Recon Science Vessel for the Science Captain on a shoestring dilithium budget

-[Foreward]-Hey all, Corsair here, been kickin' around the queues to decent effect with this ship and figured I'd go ahead and post this before I forget to... again.Anyway, the goal of this ship was to see how effective I could be with 0 dilithium...
Small Grim 5y
Grim32311Small Grim 5y

Allen's Healer Build

Hi first I would just like to say that this is my opinion and that every person should play how they like to play and have fun. This is my build for the PVP Boot camp or just general PVP healer build.A little about me I started playing STO at head...
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LaBarge11374Member avatar small LaBarge 5y
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