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Kraven (Livin)

Rank: Vice Admirals
Online: 4 years ago
Joined: Nov 28, 2012
Nick Name: Kraven
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
State/Province: Sweet Home Alberta
City: Edmonton
Been gaming online since Warcraft orcs vs humans started playing STO on release. stopped playing durring first season due to my commitments with my guild in WOW.
came back start of season4 and have played daily since. im a canadian male in my 30s i have 5 kids so life afks happen. my wife and my oldest son both play mmos so i get alot of support from the wife when i have in game commitments. My wife is a lvl50 sci and my son a lvl50 tac my wife prefers to doff while my son is not sure what he likes as he is a top rate pvp player in wow... he likes sto ground pvp but finds it a little lite compared to wow but willing to learn more for sure. as for me i enjoy STO PvP the PvE content is a little on the easy side for me i like having targets that think... so looking foward to learning more from the community.

Song that best explains why im here...8D
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